Tybalt / Friar John - Chaz Albright
Nurse / Gregory - Michael Empson
Peter / Montague - Victoria Everitt
Paris / Prince - Kilian Thomas G.
Juliet / Apothecary - Kat Hermes
Chorus et al - Zachary Johnson
Romeo / Abraham - Sean Kelley
Mercutio / Capulet - Scott Lange
Lady Capulet - Katherine Mayberry
Benvolio - Rachel Pineiro
Friar Laurence - Scott Wright

Director - Alisha Huber
Selection of Images
Romeo and Juliet
Winter 2012

Beardsley Theater - March 28, 2012
Red Barn Theater - April 7, 2012
Dog Story Theater - April 12 - 22, 2012
Seven Steps Up - April 27, 2012
Grant Fine Arts Center - April 28, 2012
Collingwood Arts Center - May 5 and 6, 2012
the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company
Rachel Pineiro, Sean
Kelley, Scott Wright, Scott
Lange and Katherine
Mayberry as Benvolio,
Romeo, Guest, Capulet and

Beardsley Theater

Lord Capulet inspires his
masqued guests to a dance.
Michael Empson and
Victoria Everitt as the
Nurse and Peter.

Collingswood Arts Center

The nurse secretly delivers
news of love and promise
from her mistress Juliet to
the lover Romeo.
Scott Wright and Sean Kelley as
Friar Laurence and Romeo.

Collingswood Arts Center

The benevolent friar waxes on
the validity of Romeo's love.
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The titular lovers as seen
from the backstage of the
Collingswood Arts Center.
copyright 2012.
PCSC will be reviving our 2012 production of Romeo and
on August 24th at The Rose Playhouse!