Navarre/Forester - Joseph Valente
Biron - Scott Lange
Dumain/Sir Nathaniel - Killian Thomas G.
Longaville/Holofernes - Joel L. Schindlbeck
Princess - Kathleen Bode
Rosaline - Sarah E. Stark
Katherine/Constable Dull - Sarah Tryon
Maria/Jaquenetta - Brooke Heintz
Boyet - Janna Rosenkranz
Don Adriano de Armado - Kat Hermes
Mote/Mercade - Chelsea Kaye
Costard - Zachary Johnson
Selection of Images
Love's Labour's Lost
Summer 2012

Dog Story Theater - June 21 - July 1, 2012
Red Barn Theatre - July 7, 2012
Seven Steps Up - July 13, 2012
Box Factory for the Arts - July 21, 2012
the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company
Sarah E. Stark and Scott Lange as
Rosaline and Biron

Dog Story Theater

The lead couple woo and fight
simultaneously throughout the play.

Photo credit:
Tim Motley
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Joel L. Schindlbeck as Longaville

Dog Story Theater

During the eavesdropping scene,
Longaville hides behind the
proclamation that causes all the drama.

Photo credit:
Tim Motley
Chelsea Kaye and Kat Hermes as
Mote and Don Adriano de Armado

Dog Story Theater

The libertine soldier Armado tilts as
windmills as he expresses his love.

Photo credit:
Tim Motley
Kathleen Bode and the Ensemble

Dog Story Theater

The Princess of France woos the
crowd with pop music during one of our

Photo credit:
Tim Motley
copyright 2012.