Michael Opatick as Master Fenton and Nym

Hello! This is my first Pigeon Creek Shakespeare production. I’m playing the role of Fenton, the man that Anne Page actually marries. Although Fenton makes few appearances in the play, the love affair between him and Anne take place at the margins of a greed, jealousy and revenge which actually sets the formed plot of the play. Fenton’s beginning involvement with Anne as well as her other suitors are simply for her fathers income. Fenton ends up fallling for Anne, admitting that at first he was interested in her Fathers wealth. In the end, he confesses this to her and woos her simply for matters of the heart.

I auditioned for Merry Wives of Windsor because I was really interested in the role of Fenton. Fenton’s character is one I related to on certain levels. The last couple of months of doing this, I have had a lot of room for growth with analysis on how to embody and “be” Fenton. Playing a fictional character gives one a lot of room to pretty much do anything to a certain degree. I have had great help from pretty much everyone in the cast with suggestions on how Fenton might do this or that, which has given me a lot of creative insight and avenues to run with. I see Fenton as a young man who doesn’t become fully whole as a grown man until these series of events take place. I think he as someone who grows and matures fully throughout the play by weighing out his reasons of importance. Fenton weighs out his desires of love and money. Sometimes when you choose one of the more rightful obsessions such as love, you get a little bit of luck and success, allowing you to find out that the rest takes care of itself. In this case Fenton morally looks into the real Anne by seeing her without her father’s wealth. Fenton chooses love. This can be a real good lesson, that if you do something simply by honoring another (or anything you do without feeling owed by demonstrations) then the real warmth of truth will connect you whole.

Fenton’s appearances are so few. He evolves and calculates quickly on the road he wants to take in attaining Anne. Throughout the play you can tell the weight of his decision making and how it is effecting his attitude and his free lifestyle before he had the mapping and pursuit to where he almost feels like giving up. Its almost like hes never had this much trouble in his life before this and before this all he had to worry about was his self. That is the responsibility one has to take on at time when wanting love and happiness. Fenton is definitely a very original non-stereotypical Shakespeare creation. I feel like Fenton, like other people from then and even in today’s societies, is constantly evaluating his life, objectives and desires.

What do I want? Who do I need? Who do I love? In my opinion, the characters of The Merry Wives of Windsor are trying to get some satisfaction and answers by “having at” these questions.