Tony Myers as Lorenzo

Hello, I will be playing Lorenzo in the Production of The Merchant of Venice. This is my first show with Pigeon Creek and my first professional show. I didn’t know what to expect coming in to this, but I can tell you that thus far, it is a lot of fun and not as scary as I imagined. Dealing with Shakespearean language, I thought, was going to be impossible for me because of how they talk and such. I later came to find out it was quite easy; verse just seemed to flow like a song with rhythm. Learning what I was saying was a little different.

It amazed me on how much extra work was needed to be done when doing a monologue. You have to go in-depth about what your character is saying. And there’s odd things like ‘trochees’, which are where you have to put more emphasis on the first syllable versus the second. The whole thing is new to me and has opened my eyes, since I have only done musicals and am a freshmen in college at Grand Valley.

This is a great experience for me and I’m glad I got the opportunity to do a show with such an amazing group of actors and actresses. During the rehearsal process we help each other. Mind you, the only plays I have done before were with a director who gave us direction. With Pigeon Creek, it is ensemble directed, which was exciting but also nerve-wracking. I usually never say anything, because of the fact that I’m new and I don’t want to mess anything up. I believe I have made one suggestion and it was taken to effect so I guess that is good.

Everyone has another job besides acting; which I thought was cool as it gave more responsibility. I think it makes the show more ‘ours’ than if we had non-actors do things such as costumes, props, set building and such. Wooh! I’ve said too much right here, but any who, I’m having a blast working with everyone in the show. I have learned so much and I am greatly thankful for it.

I urge you to come and watch The Merchant of Venice. I know you will have a blast.