Christian Vigrass.

After a recent performance of MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, I received one of the best compliments an actor can receive. I was told that the entire cast “really looked like they were having fun.” and that “you could tell that you were cracking each other up!” It is true! There are many times both on stage and off during a performance that we are on the edge of busting out laughing. As a result that translates into an truly successful comedic show. This is a direct result of a very close group of actors that I consider to be my closest friends and quite honestly a second family.

Pigeon Creek’s very nature requires that the entire cast put down any misgivings and completely share themselves with each other. WIVES was an ensemble directed show, which means that the entire cast had a hand in creating what you see. I personally had a bit of a transition working in this style as opposed to the single director approach. It required me to put away my ego and approach criticism like advice from family. Familial advice comes out of love and ensemble directing come from love as well, love of the art and its success.

Being so close knit and familiar with each other we really get to know each others sense of humor. Honestly, it is often our goal to crack each other up and I myself have been guilty of laughing onstage. Luckily that translates to the audience, especially since we are in such an intimate performance space. The ultimate goal in comedy is to make the audience laugh and the only way to make someone else laugh is to be able to laugh at yourself. For example one of the cast’s favorite accents in the Swedish/Midwest. We often find it coming out in the show despite our ability to hide it and during a recent show the uttering of a simple “oh?” just about caused a riot in the cast. That light-heartedness between friends and general tendency to laugh allows the audience to see that familiarity and laugh as well. So please come laugh with us! You will be glad you did.