Jacqueline Frid as Master Slender and Robin.

I first heard of Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Players from Joel Schindlbeck, who invited me to watch “King Lear”. I was blown away by their performance, and touched in the heart. Since then, I watched more of their performances, and loved each one more than the last.

Last year, Joel told me to try out for the coming season. I was apprehensive, since I had never been in a play, but with encouragement, I went to audition. I was thankfully placed in the Scenes Troup, where I learned a lot about acting, and how to give life to Shakespeare’s work.

Now, I am in a true play, and will be performing in front of many audiences.

At the first few rehearsals, I was incredibly nervous, and quite a bit intimidated. I was to perform with people I had been watching and admiring! I was so worried that they would find me incredibly lacking. But that was not how they received me at all. They were warm and caring. They gave instruction and advice clearly and best of all, kindly. Now I am loving this experience, and have no more apprehension, but excitement!

I hope I can work with them in more plays again!